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Taking aspirin and a second antiplatelet medication, such as Plavix, Effient, or Brilinta, is called dual antiplatelet therapy ( DAPT). Compared to coronary artery bypass surgery, which is much more invasive, people who get stents have less discomfort and a shorter recovery time. This prevents fibrosis that, together with clots, could otherwise block the stented artery, a process called restenosis. A drug- eluting stent ( DES) is a peripheral or coronary stent ( a scaffold) placed into narrowed, diseased peripheral or coronary arteries that slowly releases a drug to block cell proliferation. But stenting isn' t risk- free.
If you had a heart attack and a coronary artery stent placed, or you are being. Stent cardiaci medicatie. Jul 30, · If you did not have a heart attack, but have atherosclerosis in your coronary arteries and had a stent placed, you should be on clopidogrel for at least 1- 6 months, depending on the type of stent which was placed, risk of clotting the stent, and bleeding risk.
Stents can also be coated with medication to help keep a blocked artery from closing. The stent may be coated with a drug ( called a drug- eluting stent). Stents are usually needed when plaque blocks a blood vessel. Patients who receive drug- eluting ( coated) stents are recommended to take aspirin and one of these antiplatelet medications for at least a year after stent implantation. Why would I need a stent? This type of stent may lower the chance of the artery closing back up in the future.

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